Gearing Up for a Backyard Barbeque

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Hot Dogs on the GrillAs grilling masters ourselves, we at Arizona Propane want to ensure your backyard barbeque goes off without a hitch, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a grilling master yourself by providing you with tips on what we have learned through much trial and error (which is the only way to learn).

Tip #1 – Prepare Your Grill

The first tip for making any backyard barbeque successful is to ensure your grill is ready to go.  This includes making sure its placement is in an area free from flammable objects, such as a tree, and to ensure your propane bottle has enough fuel left.

There is nothing worse than running out of propane, in the midst of grilling, which is why you can count on Arizona Propane to provide you with affordably priced, effective fuel and accessories.

You’ll also want to ensure that its surface it clean and ready to go!  You can do this by turning on the heat and using a wire brush to clean on and between your grills slates.  We further recommend applying a bit of oil to the surface before grilling with a soft brush.

Tip #2 – Prepare Your Food before Turning On the Grill

If you marinating your food, it’s often best to do so an hour, or 24 hours before you begin to cook.  If you’re making kabobs they can, and often do, take some time to prepare.  That’s why following this tip will help to ensure you don’t run out of propane before you even get your foot out the door.

Tip #3 – Always Use the Correct Temperature

How many of you have set your grill at its max temperature, just to watch it burn?  We’ll admit that we must certainly have.  So, just because your grill has a max temperature, doesn’t mean it’s always the best temperature for your backyard barbeque.

Thin cuts of meat, including hamburger patties, should be quickly cooked at a high temperature in order to seal in the juices.  Poultry, seafood and vegetables should be cooked at a medium temperature.  Any thick cuts of meat, including steaks and whole chickens, should be cooked at a low temperature.

Arizona Propane

UPS Buying 1,000 Propane-Fueled Delivery Trucks

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UPS to add 1,000 propane fueled trucks to their fleet and 50 refueling stations.The United Parcel Service, aka UPS, recently announced on Wednesday March 5, 2014 their intention to invest $70 million in order to purchase 1,000 propane-fueled delivery trucks.  The investment includes plans to build 50 fueling stations.  This announcement bears good news for the propane industry, and comes on the heels of their dismal winter season, which led to a supply shortage in the Midwest regions.

The trucks, which the company is purchasing from Daimler AG’s Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, are slated to replace all existing gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles in the rural areas’ of Louisiana and Oklahoma.  UPS additionally plans to further expand their fleet of propane-fueled delivery trucks to other states within the United States in the near future.  They already run a fleet of 900 propane fueled trucks in Canada.

“Propane is a clean-burning fuel that lowers operating costs and is readily accessible especially on rural routes in the United States,” UPS Chief Operating Officer David Abney said in interview.  “Propane costs about $1.25 to $1.50 a gallon less than gasoline or diesel and gets similar mileage.”

In recent years, the popularity of alternative fueled vehicles has become a viable choice, considering its economical price and high supply rates.  There are currently 200,000 propane-powered vehicles on U.S. roads.  Last year, Mesa Arizona’s Public Schools made the decision to convert, and run 61 of their buses on propane auto gas alone.  UPS is anticipating their fleet’s transition to propane to be completed early next year.

UPS’s desire to sustain the environment with the greatest economical results can already be evidenced in their 3,150 alternative fuel and advanced technology.  These vehicles include all-electric hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, CNG, LNG, propane, biomethane and light-weight fuel-saving composite body vehicles.  UPS quite literally has one of the nation’s largest privately owned alternative fuel fleets.

For more information on how you too can convert your vehicle to propane, please feel free to contact us – Arizona Propane – at (480) 990-2245 or visit our website at today.  Together we can sustain the environment and make a brighter future for further generations to come!

Propane in Tight Supply

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The propane industry – which produces alternatives to natural gas – has been experiencing some hard times recently due to shortages caused by recent cold (if not freezing) fronts in the Northeast and Midwest regions.  This unfortunately has resulted in the occurrence of major price hikes and a decrease in supply chains.

According to the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), there are various other reasons for the industry experiencing hard times including the weather (as mentioned above) and the increase of farmers relying on propane to harvest their fields after getting a late start this year.

In a recent statement made by Jeff Petrash; NPGA VP and general counsel, “Most people don’t realize that huge amounts of propane are used in grain-drying, so we had a large and later-than-normal grain harvest that called for large volumes of propane just as we were entering the winter heating season.”

While the production of domestic propane increased within the past year; it is still not enough and many retailers are finding it necessary to ration their supply in certain areas.  What is being done to control the shortage of propane?  To start the NPGA asked the federal energy regulator to order more supplies of the heating fuel.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced on Thursday February 6, 2014 that the NPGA has requested to use its emergency powers to order Enterprise – one of the largest exporters of propane – to supply 75,000 barrels per day of propane along its TE Products pipeline.

Other steps currently being taken by the NPGA can be found posted on their website.   While it remains unclear to all parties involved (i.e. associations, retailers and consumers, etc.) just how long supply will be in tight supply, every action is being taken to reverse its effects.

Blog courtesy of Arizona Propane – (480) 990-2245


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