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Propane vs. Gasoline

The Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report has been released and with it some interesting stats on nationwide fuel prices.  Here is an overview of propane vs. gasoline. Propane National Average per gallon = $2.73 Regular Gasoline National Average per gallon = $3.65 “ Propane prices are lower than gasoline in all regions of the […]

Propane Energy Pod

Homeowners and builders alike have been searching for innovative energy solutions for residential homes.  Propane is one of the most accessible, most reliable, most affordable,  energy sources to consider for your home. The main benefit of using Propane  is the versatility to heat  homes, to fuel  stoves and ovens,  to heat water, to fuel the  […]

Arizona Propane Tank Storage

The Arizona summer is here and people are asking about their barbecue propane tanks and whether or not it is safe to have them exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Propane tanks come equipped with pressure relief devices. When the pressure reaches a particular level, the pressure relief device opens and releases propane […]

Propane The Alternative Fuel

Dawson’s Alternative Fuels is capable of converting vehicles over to propane. We have certified technicians, as well as, certified inspectors. We also repair vehicles that have been converted to propane. For more information on alternative fuels, contact Bob Evans at (480) 990-2245. Advantages Disadvantages 90% of propane used in U.S. comes from domestic sources Less […]

Serving Arizona Since 1972

At Arizona Propane, we handle all types of propane needs • trained drivers to deliver gas to your home or business. • variety of tanks for lease, purchase, and exchange • capable of repairing your tank. If your tank is outdated, we have • trained technicians who can re-certify your tank • underground, above-ground, tank, propane, and natural gas line […]

Propane Fire Pits

Winter has finally come along and most people are staying inside. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Buying an outdoor propane fire pit can make your yard accessible all year and can be a very attractive addition.

Propane Buses

Due to a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the Chadwick Cardinals have purchased two propane-powered buses.  What a way to help the environment by cutting down air pollution! “The buses are magnificent,” said Dr. Bill Wheeler, co-superintendent of Chadwick schools. “They are great for our school and even better for the environment.” […]

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