Save Money With Propane Powered Vehicles!

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With gas prices going up, up, up…  it’s time to consider alternative fuel.  Arizona Propane has a great option for you! We have certified technicians & certified inspectors on staff that can can convert your vehicle over to propane.  This is an affordable option and a great way to save money on fuel.   You may even qualify for government tax credits.*

That’s extra savings for you!  Switch to the cleanest alternative fuel available — propane!

According to the Clean Air Act, propane is an approved alternative clean fuel that is non-toxic with low-minimal emissions.  Since propane is a vapor it will not spill, leave puddles or have a residue after contact; therefore, it is not harmful to our water or our soil. Clearly propane is better for the environment, better on your wallet but what about your engine?  Engines that are fueled by propane last up to 3x’s longer than those on traditional gasoline.  OLG Propane explains how it works, “Propane goes into your engine as a vapor, there is no raw fuel entering the cylinders which washes the lubricating oil off the cylinder walls so the piston rings stay better lubricated…” The conversion to propane can happen with only a few modifications to the engine.  Under the hood, you may not even be able to distinguish between the propane components and the factory set up, but you will notice the savings in fuel costs.

Currently over 4 million vehicles in more than 38 countries are fueled by propane.  The good news about propane is finally being shared. You can save money too!  Don’t  be a gas guzzler any longer!

For more info on converting your vehicle to propane contact us — Arizona Propane (480) 990-2245 or visit our website today!

* Talk to your tax advisor about if/how you qualify for tax credit benefits.

Some facts & benefits referenced from OLGPropane’s Resource Article

Propane Energy Pod

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Homeowners and builders alike have been searching for innovative energy solutions for residential homes.  Propane is one of the most accessible, most reliable, most affordable,  energy sources to consider for your home. The main benefit of using Propane  is the versatility to heat  homes, to fuel  stoves and ovens,  to heat water, to fuel the  fireplaces, and even to dry clothes in an integrated, easy to monitor,  home energy package.

Not only will Propane provide exceptional value to the home, it will also reduce the energy expenses.  In fact, homes that are using propane, typically score higher on the HERS index than homes that were using standard methods. An example would be Cornell Home’s smart strategy. Cornell built 263 courtyard townhomes ranging from 1,522 to 1,748 square feet near  Doylestown, PA.  The concept was to build a cost-effective Energy-Star rated development with no reliance on natural gas. The solution was an individually metered central propane distribution system that fed the entire community. Their systems scored an average of 65 in the HERS index which was 30 percent more efficient than homes built to the current code.

Not only is Propane more efficient, it is less harmful than other fuel sources. Studies from organizations including the EPA reveal that propane is an attractive option for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. In some cases, studies found that propane gives off less than half as many greenhouse gas emissions than homes and buildings using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid.

Whether you are a current homeowner, a business owner, a soon to be homeowner, or a builder, Arizona Propane wishes that you be informed on the many advantages to using propane. Visit our website for more information on how we can service your home for any propane need.

Advantages to using Propane

Arizona Propane Tank Storage

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The Arizona summer is here and people are asking about their barbecue propane tanks and whether or not it is safe to have them exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Propane tanks come equipped with pressure relief devices. When the pressure reaches a particular level, the pressure relief device opens and releases propane gas in order to avoid a cylinder explosion. When released, propane gas will sink to low spots, vulnerable to any kind of ignition. It is recommended to keep your propane tank out of direct sunlight in order to regulate the appropriate pressure level. Should the propane tank start to leak at the pressure relief device due to a long period of time in the sunlight, you’ll want to move the propane tank to a shaded area, outside and wrap a cool, wet towel around the neck of the tank. Arizona Propane Tank
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Propane The Alternative Fuel

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Dawson’s Alternative Fuels is capable of converting vehicles over to propane. We have certified technicians, as well as, certified inspectors. We also repair vehicles that have been converted to propane. For more information on alternative fuels, contact Bob Evans at (480) 990-2245.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • 90% of propane used in U.S. comes from domestic sources
  • Less expensive than gasoline
  • Potentially lower toxic, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and nonmethane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions
  • Limited availability (a few large trucks and vans can be special ordered from manufacturers; other vehicles can be converted by certified installers)
  • Less readily available than gasoline & diesel
  • Fewer miles on a tank of fuel

-Infomation table from

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Serving Arizona Since 1972

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At Arizona Propane, we handle all types of propane needs
• trained drivers to deliver gas to your home or business.
• variety of tanks for lease, purchase, and exchange
• capable of repairing your tank. If your tank is outdated, we have
• trained technicians who can re-certify your tank
• underground, above-ground, tank, propane, and natural gas line installations
• in house plumbing gas lines for fireplaces and appliances.

Order from us today!

(480) 990-2245

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Propane Glendale, Casa Grande, Scottsdale & Tucson

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Arizona Propane has a location near you for all your propane needs. We have locations in Glendale, Casa Grande, Scottsdale and Tucson.

Propane Fire Pits

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Winter has finally come along and most people are staying inside.  But that doesn’t have to be the case!  Buying an outdoor propane fire pit can make your yard accessible all year and can be a very attractive addition.

If your yard isn’t big enough to accommodate a full size fire pit then there are also other variations.  The more compact propane fire pit table, is quite affordable.  Not to mention that they are easy to install or that since it is propane powered there is no buying logs and cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Remember there is a difference between a firepit and a BBQ grill.  Fire pits are designed to give off heat and be safe as it does it.  Grills on the other hand are made for cooking food at high heat, not safety.  So if your thinking that it might be a cheap substitiution, think again.

One of the best parts about having a propane fire pit is that is clean burning!  Being environmentally friendly is very important now a days and when has going green ever been bad?

For more information about Fire pits or to Locate us give us a call today!

(480) 990-2245

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Propane Buses

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Due to a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the Chadwick Cardinals have purchased two propane-powered buses.  What a way to help the environment by cutting down air pollution!

“The buses are magnificent,” said Dr. Bill Wheeler, co-superintendent of Chadwick schools. “They are great for our school and even better for the environment.”

“Chadwick was part of a group who competed nationally for the grant,” said Amy Strickland, project manager with Drury University’s Ozark Center for Sustainable Solutions, who administered the grants in southwest Missouri for the DNR. “Originally we thought they were only going to get one new diesel bus, then we started looking at alternative fuels and realized we could help the environment even more and help the district get two new buses.”

Order from us today!

(480) 990-2245

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