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Propane Uses around Your Home

Propane is used for several of your appliances around your home.  It’s uses include, cooking, drying clothes, and heating just to name a few. Propane is affordable, efficient, and safe source of energy for all of your home’s major appliances. Whether you need to heat your furnace, hot-water heater, gas fireplace, clothing dryer or stove-top, propane […]

Handling all your Propane Needs

Serving Arizona Since 1972 At Arizona Propane, we handle all types of propane needs • trained drivers to deliver gas to your home or business. • variety of tanks for lease, purchase, and exchange • capable of repairing your tank. If your tank is outdated, we have • trained technicians who can recertify your tank • underground, aboveground, tank, propane, […]

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