Propane Energy Pod

Homeowners and builders alike have been searching for innovative energy solutions for residential homes.  Propane is one of the most accessible, most reliable, most affordable,  energy sources to consider for your home. The main benefit of using Propane  is the versatility to heat  homes, to fuel  stoves and ovens,  to heat water, to fuel the  fireplaces, and even to dry clothes in an integrated, easy to monitor,  home energy package.

Not only will Propane provide exceptional value to the home, it will also reduce the energy expenses.  In fact, homes that are using propane, typically score higher on the HERS index than homes that were using standard methods. An example would be Cornell Home’s smart strategy. Cornell built 263 courtyard townhomes ranging from 1,522 to 1,748 square feet near  Doylestown, PA.  The concept was to build a cost-effective Energy-Star rated development with no reliance on natural gas. The solution was an individually metered central propane distribution system that fed the entire community. Their systems scored an average of 65 in the HERS index which was 30 percent more efficient than homes built to the current code.

Not only is Propane more efficient, it is less harmful than other fuel sources. Studies from organizations including the EPA reveal that propane is an attractive option for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. In some cases, studies found that propane gives off less than half as many greenhouse gas emissions than homes and buildings using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid.

Whether you are a current homeowner, a business owner, a soon to be homeowner, or a builder, Arizona Propane wishes that you be informed on the many advantages to using propane. Visit our website for more information on how we can service your home for any propane need.

Advantages to using Propane

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