The real smell of Propane

Propane in its Natural form is colorless, and odorless, this makes it really hard for people to detect any leak. That’s why manufactures deliberately add a chemical compound to give it that unpleasant smell that we are all so used to.

The odorized propane smells like rotten eggs, or a dead animal. The reason why they chose this unpleasing smell is because of the need of alerting people about a possible leak as fast as they smell it. Just think about it, if propane smells like strawberries nobody would feel uncomfortable with a leak, this creates a really dangerous situation.


If you are worried that you or others in your household may have difficulty smelling propane you can always install a propane gas detector, this detectors activate an alarm if they sense the presence of propane.


Never ignore the smell of propane, and if you own an alarm act immediately even if you don’t smell the propane.

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