Save Money With Propane Powered Vehicles!

With gas prices going up, up, up…  it’s time to consider alternative fuel.  Arizona Propane has a great option for you! We have certified technicians & certified inspectors on staff that can can convert your vehicle over to propane.  This is an affordable option and a great way to save money on fuel.   You may even qualify for government tax credits.*

That’s extra savings for you!  Switch to the cleanest alternative fuel available — propane!

According to the Clean Air Act, propane is an approved alternative clean fuel that is non-toxic with low-minimal emissions.  Since propane is a vapor it will not spill, leave puddles or have a residue after contact; therefore, it is not harmful to our water or our soil. Clearly propane is better for the environment, better on your wallet but what about your engine?  Engines that are fueled by propane last up to 3x’s longer than those on traditional gasoline.  OLG Propane explains how it works, “Propane goes into your engine as a vapor, there is no raw fuel entering the cylinders which washes the lubricating oil off the cylinder walls so the piston rings stay better lubricated…” The conversion to propane can happen with only a few modifications to the engine.  Under the hood, you may not even be able to distinguish between the propane components and the factory set up, but you will notice the savings in fuel costs.

Currently over 4 million vehicles in more than 38 countries are fueled by propane.  The good news about propane is finally being shared. You can save money too!  Don’t  be a gas guzzler any longer!

For more info on converting your vehicle to propane contact us — Arizona Propane (480) 990-2245 or visit our website today!

* Talk to your tax advisor about if/how you qualify for tax credit benefits.

Some facts & benefits referenced from OLGPropane’s Resource Article

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